Walkers interested in woodland and the natural world are most welcome in Sandhurst Copse & Sheepwalk. There is a public bridlepath around the southeast perimeter where you do not need any permission; but you do need to apply for permission to enter the woodland off the Public Bridlepath. Permission for unrestricted access is for local residents within 2.5 miles, walking distance. For those more remote I offer conducted tours of the woodland. If you would like permission, either as a local resident, or to be on the mailing list for dates of any tours, please email the owner at pavm@globalnet.co.uk. Pedal bicycles and horseriders are permitted on the Public Bridlepath; but not otherwise in the woodland.

One of the most popular times for walking is the end of April when the bluebells are out. It is one of the most interesting bluebell sites in Surrey as it encompasses a number of different environments. The single track bluebell path, which culminates in a meadow with primroses and violets, is only open when the bluebells are!